Research Highlights

Geologists Focus on Mineral for Clues to Beginning of Biological Life on Earth


Research was highlighted on NASA astrobiology website:

Maheen Gull 2015




Special coverage of  meteoritic mineral schreibersite's research bu the USF magazine Oracle: USF scientists find clues to the possible origin of life, Maheen Gull 2016




Did Asteroids Deliver Key Building Block of Life to Earth?

Nikita La Cruz, Maheen Gull




Scientists resolve the 3.5 billion-year-old mystery of life

Matthew A.Pasek, Maheen Gull 2013




Research highlights made on the front cover of Angewandte Chemie

Bradely Burcar, Matthew Pasek, Maheen Gull



  More coverage on the manuscript published in the Angewandte Chemie 2016




Finding clues to the formation of cell membrane making molecules glycerol phosphates on the early Earth. 

 Maheen Gull and Matthew A. Pasek 2021




Synthesis of RNA making molecule (uridine nucleotide) under simplistic Hadean Earth conditions

Maheen Gull et. al. 2020




Substance in meteorite could have started life on earth

Pasek and Gull et. al. 2013


More media coverage on (Pasek and Gull et. al. PNAS 2013) 



A latest research paper was highlighted in a meteorite blog:

Cites: Gull, M et. al.,

Graphical abstract Gull et al 2022



A recent research paper was highlighted on the NASA Astrobiology website:


Cites: Gull, M et. al.,



A recent Research paper made the cover page of the special issue of the journal Life:Cites: Gull, M et. al.,